Yelling at Concrete

So I'm Graham? I go by YellingatConcrete and am a film-maker, illustrator and I guess you could class me as an artist?

I use this space for ... keeping ... stuff?

If you would like to know more or support me by buying some of my work/ t-shirts follow the links below!

Always makes me wonder why odeon cinema chose to build it’s cinemas like aquariums…man I’m tired.
Taking my mind of things. #lego
We go into the breach my freind.
In there hours I can sleep until then there is work to be done #burningthecandleatbothends

Recently finished working with local band Your cat is a Landmine, They are a fantastic group and i really enjoyed working on this project with them.

Would mean alot if you would have a look at this vid and maybe share it? Their e.p launches today!

I took jeanine to feed penguins, everything else you do is inferior for the rest of the week. #makingdreamscometrue.
Something something fire #fire
Camping in progress
dawn over Moscow, love seeing the morning in this painting.
The problem with creating your own style is editing programs aren’t built for it.
Sod festivals and having drunk morons stumble into my tent I’m of nature camping next week!
So much editing hahahabababa going slightly mad send help

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close up selfie, more beard than frame #beard #beardlovers #dontshave