Yelling at Concrete

So I'm Graham? I go by YellingatConcrete and am a film-maker, illustrator and I guess you could class me as an artist?

I use this space for ... keeping ... stuff?

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Happiness isn’t guaranteed and a smile doesn’t always mean your ok. A form of expression is required for all people, every person, don’t be fooled by a smile. This guy murders families.
Time of well spent
Those are some bug wasps.
96p for the king of the mountain don’t mind if I do.

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Does it sound like I’m on old time radio?
Bees being bees

Asking for help.

Want to support a beard and help a guy build his business and aspirations? Click the link.

Pamper Sunday pretty time! #beard

Natalie Portman’s Tapeworm - Your Cat is a Landmine (2014) from Graham Cooling on Vimeo.

A video for Your Cat is a Landmine’s song “Natalie Portman’s Tapeworm” - available now at Taken from the EP “A Gift Horse You Can’t Ignore”.


Music (c) 2014 Your Cat is a Landmine
Video (c) 2014 Graham Cooling

Hello Tumblr

I guess this is my call for help.


Two years ago i formed a company called Optic Apparel, it was my hail Mary of a move to break the stride i had formed of over one and half years of unemployment and it worked!

I managed to stop being unemployed and stop claiming benefit because of it and thanks to being self employed it managed to develop a network of people which eventually lead to a job offer.

Which then meant I was trying to work a number of jobs with varying hours and be a film-maker and run Optic on the side.

But after two years of coasting along I’ve come to somewhat of an impasse.

In October I will be unemployed again and Optic is currently between a rock and a hard place. The business itself is still running and I still receive and process and have customers on a monthly basis but due to printing cost changes and being let down by other companies i very rarely make a profit on those orders.

I need to make a massive change and if I’m honest i don’t have the funds personally in order to undertake this task; therefore i have formed a kick starter.

Alot of you have seen my work and watched my business and myself change and evolve in the past couple of years and have been part of the optic story and now I’m asking you to be an even bigger part.

Changing this currently small independent dream of an artist into one big one which we can all be proud of!


It would mean so much if I could get your support and help with this and if you cannot pledge I completely understand but even a sharing of the campaign or telling your Friends and family about it could change the success of the venture and so your help is needed either way.

I would be honored if you would take a look and tumblr or tweet or face this post and help me make something you and I can be part of.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for watching.

So please follow the link below and tell your friends!

You can also keep up with how it’s going or how Optic is doing at

Thank you.

This is how conspiracies are started.

Having a ramble today.